Week of Nonviolent Action 2021 Interfaith Panel Video

Each year, Pace e Bene sponsors a week of nonviolence. This year, Atlanta Interfaith Ministries and the People’s Priest teamed up to host an Interfaith Panel about how different traditions live out nonviolent action.

Here’s the video, enjoy!

Our Interfaith Peace Panel is lined up and features these amazing speakers:

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The Rev. Fr. Jerry Maynard is “The People’s Priest”; a spiritual renegade & social revolutionary with a ministry of protest, praise, and community organizing in Houston, TX. A leader in a variety of movements, Father Jerry teaches the spirituality of nonviolence, works on foreign and domestic issues, and serves as the Founding Pastor of The People’s Church (TPC) an online community of Sacred Activists from a variety of spiritual traditions. TPC is a member community of the Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC). Father Jerry is a prominent Spiritual Influencer on multiple platforms with special pioneering work in DigiMinistry

Father Jerry is the Social Media Director for Northwind Theological Seminary and is Program Coordinator for the Certificates in Social Justice Leadership & Ministry, DigiMinistry, and Faith-Based Crisis Intervention with Northwind Institute.

Rev.  Sarah A. Bowen is an animal chaplain, interspecies minister, and co-founder of Compassion Consortium, the first interfaith, interspiritual, and interspecies community. Rev. Bowen is an Academic Dean at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

She is also a columnist for Spirituality & Health magazine and authored two award-winning books on modern spirituality. Her forthcoming books on nonviolence and compassion include Beyond Dominion & Stewardship and Sacred Sendoffs (2022, Monkfish Publishing). 

Sarah holds a BA in Human Ecology from Michigan State University, MA in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary, was ordained through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and is joyfully engaged in postgraduate research in Humane Religious Studies and Anthrozoology. Learn more at modernreverend.com

Christopher Jain Miller completed his Ph.D. in the Study of Religion at the University of California, Davis. He currently serves as the Bhagwan Mallinath Assistant Professor of Jain Studies at Loyola Marymount University. His current research focuses on the ways in which yoga practices are translated into contemporary transnational yoga communities. He is the author of a number of articles and book chapters concerned with Jainism, the history and practice of modern yoga, yoga and politics, and yoga philosophy and is a co-editor of the volume Beacons of Dharma: Spiritual Exemplars for the Modern Age (2019). 

Christopher completed his yoga teacher training in 2012 at Hill Street Yoga and Meditation Center in Santa Monica, California. He lectures internationally on all things yoga, is a certified continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance, and is the co-founder of Hot Haus Yoga Education (hothauseducation.com).

Mickey Weems is Muslim in Honolulu and a member of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV). He ascribes to the principle of ijtihad (reason) when reading any scripture, and follows the Sufi tradition of appreciation for, and dialogue with, other religions. Weems is currently working on a paper using the Buddhist concept (or experience) of nothingness as a common link between Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Leader James Croft never stops talking, so it’s lucky that his job requires a lot of it! As Leader for the Ethical Society of St. Louis, James is a public face for the community, ensuring that Ethical Humanist values are represented at rallies and protests, in schools and universities, and in the media. James believes that our culture desperately needs a Humanist moral voice, and he’s determined to provide one. He loves Star Trekway too much, and tries to find a way to work a Star Trek reference into every Platform Address.

Reverend Nathan DeMay is an ordained Interfaith Interspiritual minister and graduate of OneSpirit Seminary in New York City. He is also a certified Church Executive and a certified End of Life Doula for companion animals and holds a BS in International Business from Illinois State University.

Nathan offers ministerial services to anyone needing them in the metro Atlanta area.

He also leads in-person, online, and on-demand groups working with mystic poetry. Nathan believes the mystic poets of the world’s traditions have timeless wisdom  that can deeply feed our souls. 


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